Fat Nerd to Chic Geek: Week 7

Hiatus concluded. 

This week has featured the following truths: of a 20-minute cardio workout, I now run for 12 of those minutes. Each and every time, I wish to die. I am told this is entirely normal. I’m also told that I’m running wrong? I don’t know about that part. I have a bad habit of not stretching properly after I work out, which is murderous the following morning, but since I alternate my cardio days and my weight-lifting days now, it’s somewhat more survivable. I worked out six times over the past week and am set to do the same this week. The diet thing had gotten a lot easier because of the patently excellent application LiveScape that I snagged for my new Windows 7 Phone. Well, new to me. Yes, I’m that guy with a Windows 7 phone, and you know what? I like it, so back up off. No, I can’t do all the cool shit your jailbroken Android phone can do. No, I don’t have the rich, integrated user experience that your iPhone has. What I have is a good smartphone that’s not filled with endlessly distracted bullshit and a pretty smart sync system to my new car.

It’s also a great companion for working out, because the Netflix and Spotify apps for it are actually basically fantastic. But I was talking about Livescape, and plugging the shit out of it.

Livescape is a Windows Phone 7 app that is probably one of the best put together Phone 7 apps I’ve seen. There are plenty of others that let you do this sort of tracking for free – Fitocracy will, for example, and their mobile site is very useful and just as social. At some point or another, I’ll actually become accountable enough to start tracking my shit to a Facebook page I’ve been kicking around the idea of building, and Livescape would be the headlining way I’d do that. See, you can post anything you do to Facebook on the app – running, lifting weights, eating well (or not so well).

It does a great job of storing meals, has an extensive food database, and more than a handful of companies even have sub apps (including my muse and my vice: Chipotle. Damn you, Poat-lay. Your double chicken burritos are the unmaking of my wellness, the siren of my inevitable diabetes) that give you their nutritional detail. Plus, if you make changes, refactoring portions can be handled multiplicatively and it just calculates everything for you. The weekly reports are more extensive than the Excel sheet I used for Cody way back at the beginning of this, and I’m actually going to be sending him those again starting at the end of this week (which will be Week 8). The downside is that it costs $5. That’s not a lot of money to invest in oneself, and I like the app well enough that I’ve gone ahead and done it.

While I’m not super all about it, some of the considerations here are valuable. I’m not going Caveman, but I do like the way the guy thinks about exercise and about food intake – behaving on a day-to-day basis is the easiest way you can make sure that you eat well in the long run, but so far, my evidences suggests that it is actually more about working against the week’s average than it is working to hit a specific number each and every day. Those numbers will make it easier to maintain an average, but they also aren’t inherently necessary. Once I get more comfortable being back in the full-time swing of working out aggressively and eating a lot better, I think I’m going to give the caveman thing a shot for a week or two, just to mix stuff up. It’s not that far removed from my targets as it is.

And I’m just going to be thinking about this the whole time.